BOOKS: Business, Christian, Self Help. <br> <br>COMMUNICATIONS: Home Phones, Cordless, Fax, Cell Phones and many $2 chargers. <br> <br>COMPUTER: tons of parts. <br> <br>ELECTRONICS: Audio for the home, Portable (iPods/accessories), Music equipment (Midi, etc), Video accessories. <br> <br>HOUSEHOLD: Appliances, Bedding, Building Supplies, Clothing, Furniture, Vacuums. <br> <br>OPTICS: Binoculars, Monoculars, Glasses Frames, Microscope/Telescope Accessories, Photography. <br> <br>SPORTS: Backpacks, Bike Parts, Inline Skates, Fitness Equipment, Golf. <br> <br>TOOLS: Hand Tools, Levels, etc. <br>--------------- <br>EVERYTHING FOR SALE HERE: <br>HI-RESOLUTION PHOTOS <br>Please phone 219-5263 anytime. <br>We live near downtown with free parking. <br>(Not a store.)